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Bowie Hydro-mulcher® Erosion Products Fertilizer and Seed
524 South Hwy 156 Justin, TX 76247 • 940-648-2751


Mulch is a paper, wood, or mixture of paper and wood that is placed in specialty equipment with water, seed, and fertilizer to create a slurry product that is then sprayed on soil. This process known as Hydroseeding is an alternative to drilling seed in many areas and lends its self to hard to reach places such as slopes and confined spaces. Over the last 30 plus years this process has become well accepted while many techniques and methods are still in there infancy.

This is only a list of the most common products and does not include all of the manufactures complete products. Manufactures include Central Fiber, Conweb, and Justin Seed. (Enviroblend® Hydro Mulch® Fiber; Hydro Mulch® 2000 are registered products of Conweb) (Second Nature®; are registered products of Central Fiber)

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