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Market Update

August 17, 2017

Lower market prices and 2015 floods have affected agricultural markets in many different ways.  

Native grasses are stable except for Texas origin or harvested items.  2015 rains seriously affected harvest in Texas which have directly affected yellow bluestems and specific wildflowers such as Texas Bluebonnets.  While natives that can be harvested outside of Central and Northern Texas fared better with some decreasing in price.  Most supplies are ample but another missed harvest will affect fall 2016 and 2017 prices.

Turf grasses are in much better supply than native grasses. Bermuda grass has decreased slightly with sufficient supply. Cool season grasses (fescue, ryegrass) have stabilized in price with good supplies available.

Small grains for 2016 appear to be in trouble.  Production looks good, however very little quality seed was planted east of Interstate 35.  Hard wheats that are used west of this line will be in supply.

Forage plants such as millet and sorghum are back down to normal price levels.

Fertilizer prices have dropped from the highs of 2008.  Justin Seed’s approach is to purchase for the short needs.  Regional demand has occurred some items to fluctuate in price but once supply returns the price decreases.


Flat markets are expected as most commodities are in a down turn.   Economics’ believe that one year of a six year event is occurring.