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New rust resistant cultivar of white-flowered, annual sweetclover (Melilotus albus Medik.) adapted to south and central Texas.  Developed from annual white sweetclover Hubam and crossed with yellow sweetclovers which created a multi stemmed white sweetclover adapted to high ph. soils and dryer/hotter conditions than other white sweetclovers and high rust resistance.

The breeding and evaluation of Silver River for rust resistance was conducted at Beeville, TX under severe epiphytotics of sweetclover rust.  The original plant introduction population had 21% rust resistant plants. Silver River averaged 91% resistant plants at Beeville in 2014 and 2015, compared to ‘Hubam’ with a 2 year average of 7% resistance. Silver River is similar to Hubam in forage yield and maturity.

Link to Texas A&M article

PVP application has been applied for protection.


Livestock: This new cultivar will improve the reliability of annual sweetclover in cattle grazing systems and wildlife supplemental forage plantings in south and central Texas.  We recommend that Silver River sweetclover be used only for pasture and grazing with cattle or as browse for deer. Dicoumerol toxicity is a concern with all sweetclovers (Hubam and other varieties) when these forages are stored as hay or silage.

Wildlife: Silver River is an ideal legume for mixing into wildlife food plots, providing a high-protein food source, acting as a seasonal attractant, and adapted to many higher Ph. soils.

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Pure 6 lbs.

Mix 2-3 lbs.


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Silver River White Sweetclover

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