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Texas A&M developed TAMO 411in College Station, Texas.  This Oat cross wasfirst made in 2003 between TAMO 405/LA9339 (Plot Spike) and was assigned theexperimental line of TX05CS347-1.   TAMO 411 has excellent grain yield, test weight, forage potential, winterhardiness, and straw strength as compared to all recent Texas A&M oatreleases.  It is also highly resistant to current crown rust races in Texas,and moderately resistant to current stem rust races prevalent in Texas.Comparison to other oats TAMO 411 was tested in Texas during a severedrought over the 2008 to 2014 time period.  Texas test results show that itis a solid grain and forage yielder during this time period.  The mostimpressive result was that it was a top performer in a much larger area thanjust Texas and did well in Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana to Californian.  YIELDDuring a drought period this data may not repeat its self but in EllisCounty Texas TAMO 411 placed 3rd with 112.4 Bu/Ac over a 4 year average, 3rdin McGregor, 6th in Farmersville, 1st in Chillicothe, 2nd Castroville.  Dueto the drought conditions a 4 year average should be a better indication ofwhat TAMO 411 is capable.In 2014 TAMO 411 was increased in Cook County, Texas which incurred droughtand record breaking freezes and yield equally with Nora and TAMO 606.Indicating that TAM) 411 has good winter hardiness.FORAGEAt College Station TAMO 411 has placed in the top forage yielders, withbeing the top oat producer on a 2 year average and second oat on a 3 yearaverage.  Similar results occurred in Vernon and Comanche on the 2013 foragereport.LIMITATIONBased off growing trials this oat should have a large adaptation area in thewinter oat growing region.

Planting Time Planting Depth Planting Rate
For Grazing late summer or early fall.
For Grain late fall
1-2" Drilled 96 lb.

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