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Tropical to subtropical perennial grass with good forage production in low fertile soils. It creeps with stolons and rhizomes, native to South America, naturalized in North America. Prefers sandy soils and is tolerant of shade and salty conditions. Used in some areas as relatively low-maintenance turf grass, but does not produce turf as dense as others. This plant can be weedy or invasive.

Alternate Names

Bahiagrass, Bahia


Erosion control: Bahia grass is used for the NRCS conservation practices Grassed Waterway and Critical Area Planting.  It is planted on critical areas such pond banks, levees, and gullies in agricultural fields.

Turf: This grass is suitable for low-maintenance lawns and public areas, and is recommended for infertile soils and heavy traffic areas.  It is more shade tolerant than Bermuda grass. 

Livestock: Bahia grass, with proper management, provides fair to good pasture and hay, and can be used in woodland pasture systems (silvopasture).  Forage quality depends on soil fertility and grass stage of growth.  Bahia grass hay is leafy, but difficult to make because of Bahia grass’ prostrate growth habit.

Caution: Seed heads of the cultivar ‘Argentine’ are often infected by ergot (Claviceps paspali).  Pregnant mares can experience abortion problems if they eat large quantities of infected seed heads.  Also, ingestion of infected seeds can produce toxic effects in cattle.  The occurrence of toxic seed heads can be managed through mowing or by keeping pregnant horses confined.

Wildlife: Bahiagrass can be grown with other species that are more beneficial for wildlife.  Deer, birds and small mammals will utilize the plant—especially the seeds—for food.


This plant may become weedy or invasive in some regions or habitats and may displace desirable vegetation if not properly managed. 

Grow Height

Cold Tolerance


Planting Rate




10-15 lb.


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Bahiagrass, (Paspalum saurae)

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