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Cowboy Bermudagrass was developed out of a breeding program that began in 2002. 166 half-sib families of seeded bermudagrass were planted in a joint project between the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station at Overton Texas and Seeds West, Inc. These 166 were compared to Coastal and Tifton 85 bermudagrass. Over a 3 year period these were paired down to 14 entries that were as productive as Tifton 85.

Potential seeded varieties were developed in Arizona by combining the most desirable traits. Stock seed was developed by planting several entries in a single field and then harvesting this field of parent seed. This was repeated to develop a clone that consists of several of these original entries. Out of this program SWI-810(Cheyenne II) and SWI-814 (Cowboy) were developed.

Once established is very drought, heat and salt tolerant. Cultural management of Cowboy bermudagrass is much like that of Coastal Bermudagrass, a vegetative pasture bermudagrass. Cowboy is especially useful for areas which are continually grazed.

Unlike other available forage bermudagrasse Cowboy is not coated which means you have a purity of 98% seed and not 50%.

At this time Cowboy is only available in Buckaroo Blend.

Grow Height Cold Tolerance Minimum
Planting Rate
1-2½' Fair 25" 8-20 lb. acre

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