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A native warm-season perennial bunchgrass. Broomsedge bluestem produces many seeds on the upper half of the plant that are distributed by the wind. At a distance, the inflorescence may appear silvery in the sunlight. 


Broomsedge bluestem is used as an ornamental plant. It is recommended for golf courses and residential landscaping because it requires low amounts of water. In the fall, the foliage turns a reddish-orange and retains this color during winter dormancy, thereby adding color to the winter landscape.


Broomsedge bluestem can be established by direct seeding or transplanting. Direct seeding is the preferred method of establishing a broomsedge bluestem stand. Prepare a firm, weed-free seedbed by disking and cultivating. The site may be prepared by treating the planting area in the spring with a nonselective herbicide such as glyphosate to kill existing vegetation then using a no-till type drill to plant.


Scientific Name: Andropogon virginicus L. 







Planting Rate




10-12 pls

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Bluestem, Broomsedge

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