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Good range grasses. Used for grazing and erosion control. Broad, natural geographic distribution with wide variation in types of plants. Plains released in 1970 from a blend of about 30 similar looking bluestem accessions collected from six different countries. Due to this large germplasm Plains has been adapted over a large area. WW-Spar was one of the original components of Plains.

 Seven hundred and fifty Old World bluestems from Asia and Europe were tested on the Southern Plains over the past 60 years. Six varieties have proven outstanding in one or more characteristics and are available as named cultivars.

'PLAINS' is a mixture of 30 similar strains blended to give a range in adaptation to possible disease and insect problems, climate, and soil-site conditions. Plains, released in 1972, has been established on thousands of acres. Some strains in Plains are not winter hardy - this problem can be circumvented by purchasing seed produced from local older stands where the more winter-hardy strains have survived.

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Bluestem, Yellow (Plains)