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One of the widest spread and most productive native grasses on sandy sites.  Often used in mixtures to re-vegetate and reclaim disturbed sandy sites. Growth begins in late spring and continues into summer. It is a good forage producer and grazed by cattle and horses all year. Deer graze the basal leaves in the spring.

Alternate Names

Sand hill bluestem, Hall's bluestem, Hall's beardgrass, prairie bluestem, and turkey-foot


Erosion control: Sand bluestem is often recommended for erosion control plantings on sites which are sand, loamy sand or sandy loam.  Generally, it is planted as part of a mixture with other warm season grasses.

Conservation Practices: Sand bluestem, because of its growth habit, is used with certain conservation practices; however, conservation practice standards and specifications vary by state.

Livestock: Sand bluestem is a good to excellent forage due to its palatability and high yield.  Under continued heavy grazing pressure it will die out and be replaced by other less desirable plants.  It is an important component of many native hay meadows.  The nutritive value of sand bluestem rises and falls with the growing season.  It is high in crude protein and palatability until just prior to seed head formation. After seed heads are formed the nutritive value and palatability decreases significantly.

Wildlife: Sand bluestem is good to excellent forage for all browsing wildlife species.  Upland birds eat the seeds.  Because it frequently grows in large clumps and retains an upright vegetative structure throughout the winter it makes an excellent nesting habitat for many upland birds and small mammals.

Ornamental Landscaping:  As xeric landscaping becomes more popular the use of sand bluestem has increased in yard plantings.  Because of its height and growth form many consider it an excellent plant for lawn and flower bed borders.

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Bluestem, Sand

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