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Typically occurs in upland sites on sandy soils in open pastures, borders of woods, and cut woodland pastures. Appearance is similar to Little Bluestem but with split seed head (inflorescence). The basal leaves curl after maturity and the sheaths have a maroon color.

Alternate Names

Some alternate names include: silvery beardgrass, split bluestem, and feather bluestem.


Livestock: Splitbeard bluestem is readily grazed by cattle in spring shortly after growth starts. If used as winter forage, cattle should be fed a protein supplement.

Ornamental Landscaping: Because of its silvery, fluffy seed head, splitbeard bluestem is used as an ornamental in native landscapes.

Erosion Control: Splitbeard bluestem grows in poor or sandy soils.

Wildlife: Birds and mammals utilize this grass for cover.

Grow Height

Cold Tolerance


Planting Rate




5-8 Pls.


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Bluestem, Splitbeard

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