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Native, cool season perennial that is short lived.  Found on sandy shores and dunes; wooded areas, especially along trails, rivers and streams; and other disturbed sites throughout much of North America.  Seedlings are vigorous and establish quickly, but are not highly competitive with other grasses.  Growth begins later in the spring and lasts longer into the summer than growth of smooth brome.  It is moderately drought tolerant and winter hardy.  It has good tolerance to salinity and tolerates shade very well.  Engineers have started specifying small amounts in roadside seed mixes.


Restoration: Canada wildrye is often an early successional component of prairie mixtures.

Livestock: Canada wildrye provides good forage quality during the early part of the grazing season, but it is generally considered an inferior forage after it matures.  It is fairly palatable to most livestock, and is rated good in energy value, but poor in protein value.

Wildlife: Canada wildrye has fair to good palatability as food for wildlife.  It also provides nesting, brood, winter, and escape cover.

Erosion Control: Exceptional seedling vigor and rapid establishment make Canada wildrye an excellent species for use in erosion control seedlings.  Stands of Canada wildrye typically establish during the 1st year, reach peak production the 2nd or 3rd year, and then rapidly thin out.  This species is sometimes used in seeding mixtures where quick development and stabilization is needed.

Grow Height

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10-12 PLS.


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Wildrye, Canadian

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