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Warm season perennial that does well on moist, but well-drained, soils. It is a dense turfgrass.  Can crowd out weeds and bermudagrass. Low maintenance grass that can withstand high traffic. Thrives, if not mown, without additional fertilizer.

Alternate Names

Axonopus affinis, axonopus, caratao grass, carpet grass, teppichrasengras, grama-missioneira, gramalote zacate amargo, Louisiana grass, mat grass, narrowleaved carpetgrass


Common carpetgrass is grazed all year by livestock. It is a managed pasture grass in some localities. It is also used on recreational areas such as campgrounds, parking lots, baseball fields, and picnic areas.

Grow Height

Cold Tolerance


Planting Rate




8-12 Pls.


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