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Warm season annual showing promise for pasture. Native, warm-season, perennial bunch grass. Plants can be as tall as 3-5 feet producing a cotton-like seed head throughout the year. Will readily re-seed itself, and individual plants are long lived. Seldom grows in pure stands and grows best on gravelly and sandy loam soils. Caution on overgrazing from livestock and wildlife. It is a warm climate grass for the southern and southwestern states.

Alternate Names

Cottontop, cotton-top, Arizona cottongrass, cotton grass, punta blanca, California cottontop, Trichachne californica


Grazed by cattle, horses, and sometimes by sheep and goats.  It is most palatable when green.  Cures well on the stem and provides dry forage for cattle.  Used in range seedlings in south Texas following brush control.

Grow Height

Cold Tolerance


Planting Rate




1.5 – 2 Pls.

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Cottontop, Arizona

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