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Tall, bunch, warm season perennial grass with very coarse leaves. A native, warm-season grass. Provides good forage for livestock and wildlife. Responds well to fertilizations. Occurs mostly in low moisture sites with little disturbed soils.

Alternate Names

Common Alternate Names: bullgrass, capim gigante, eastern mock gama, fakahatchee grass, Gamagrass, herbe grama, maicillo oriental, pasto Guatemala, wild corn, zacate maicero


Eastern gamagrass is primarily used as livestock forage.  It is extremely palatable to all classes of livestock, and will decrease due to selective grazing if not managed correctly.  It may also be cut for hay or used as silage.  It is important to allow proper recovery time between grazing or cutting events to maintain stand health and longevity.  Eastern gamagrass is also important in conservations plantings and can be used to improve wildlife habitat, as filter strips to remove excess nutrients from agricultural areas, and in prairie restoration plantings.


Eastern gamagrass should not be cut or grazed below 8 inches.  Cutting or grazing too low will reduce stand vigor and health; eventually leading to stand loss.    Stands require at least 28 days of recovery time between cutting and/or grazing events.  45 days of recovery is optimal and all cutting or grazing should be stopped within 45 days of the first killing frost. 

Grow Height

Cold Tolerance


Planting Rate




8-10 lb.


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Eastern Gama

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