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Heavy producer. Best in pure stands. Long root system. Old growth not palatable. Weeping lovegrass prefers a light-textured, well-drained soil, and will thrive on soils of low fertility.  Climatic conditions determine its range of adaptation.  Low winter temperatures will prevent regrowth and cause the grass to act as an annual or a short-lived perennial.  Distributed throughout the southern United States.


Erosion control: Weeping lovegrass is used as a temporary cover for erosion control purposes.  On surface mine spoil, it provides almost immediate cover on steep outer slopes where spoil is rather acidic and of low fertility.

Crops: Weeping lovegrass is used as a nurse crop when seeding sericea lespedeza, coastal panic grass, or switchgrass.  When seeding black locust or bristly locust, it serves as a companion species.

Grow Height

Cold Tolerance


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2-4 Pls.


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Lovegrass, Ermello Weeping

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