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Bowie Hydro-mulcher® Erosion Products Fertilizer and Seed
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Bonded Fiber Matrixs were developed using mulch mixed with tackifiers to produce a blow on blanket. Only one product, Soil Guard, has been tested and accepted by the state of Texas to replace blankets. Soil Guard is approved for all class 1 uses. Because Soil Guard can be applied with hydroseeding equipment most of the labor cost and time to install a blanket is eliminated. For further information see click here or visit http://www.soilguard.com

Unlike traditional erosion blanket/mat this prodoct:

  • Adhers to the soil and leaves no voids.
  • Provides a natural environment that allows seed to germinate quickly.
  • Labor saving with one step erosion control, no need to lay down blanket.
  • Steep slopes are not as labor intensive or potentially dangerous to install.

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