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Manufactured from secondary ground-wood fibers, Second Nature® Paper Fiber Hydroseeding Mulch has become a widely accepted product worldwide. Its superior wetability and consistent performance make paper fiber mulch an obvious choice for the ecology-minded hydroseeder. Second Nature® is a cost effective product that offers one of the best shipping and handling options with it?s 17" x 9" x26", 50 lb. bags on one-ton pallets. This is the premiere paper mulch on the market today.
Percent moisture (maximum) -
Percent ash content 1.0% +0.2% O.D. Basis
pH 5.5 ±1
Water holding capacity
(grams of water per 100 grams of fiber)
Package 50 lb. plastic bags
Application Rates:
Flat 1800 lb. per acre
Slope 3:1 or less 2500 lb. per acre

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Second Nature® Paper Fiber Mulch