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Bowie Hydro-mulcher® Erosion Products Fertilizer and Seed
524 South Hwy 156 Justin, TX 76247 • 940-648-2751

An organic derivative vegetative gum material containing no harmful substances and is environmentally safe. Assists in temporary erosion control during seed germination and plant development.

Tacks soil, hay, and mulch to soil allowing quicker seed germination. Moisture Retention quality helps hold moisture closer to seed longer. Drift control by making your slurry tacky and holding product in place. Lubricates slurry mix, reducing plugging and improve pump performance.

Application Rates:
Slopes 2:1 or less: 20 lb. acre
Slopes 2:1 or more: 40 lb. acre *
* Soil Stabilization: 40 to 80 lb. acre
Lubricant: 1 lb. per 100 lb. mulch

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