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All Natural supplement block for beef cattle on pasture.

INGREDIENTS: Molasses products, animal protein products, hydrolyzed animal fat (preserved with BHA), deflourinated phosphate, magnesium oxide, salt, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, ferrous carbonate, zinc oxide, manganous oxide, copper sulfate, calcium iodate, cobalt sulfate, calcium carbonate and sodium selenite.

FEEDING DIRECTIONS: 1 Feed one block per 20 head of cattle. (Timid and smaller animals need their share.) 2 Place block where animals congregate (loafing, grazing, feeding, and watering areas). 3 Feed the blocks continuously along with plentiful sources of good quality forage and clean, fresh water. 4 Cattle will consume from 1-2 pounds per head daily based upon a 1,000 pound animal. Two pounds of this product will supply 3 milligrams of supplemental selenium. 5 If additional mineral and vitamin fortification is desired, feed in addition to this tub a nutritionally balanced mineral/vitamin supplement containing salt.

IMPORTANT: Consumption of this block may vary depending upon the condition of the animal’s quality and quality of forages fed, seasonal weather conditions and feeding locations of blocks with respect to loading, grazing, feeding and watering areas.  If over-consumption occurs for more than two weeks and repositioning of the block does not correct the situation, remove the supplement and evaluate the overall feeding program.






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For Beef Cattle
on pasture.

Crude Protein, Min 20.00
Crude Fat, Min 5.00
Crude Fiber, Max 2.00
Calcium, Min 0.75
Calcium, Max 1.25
Phosphorus, Min 1.00
Salt, Min 2.25
Salt, Max 2.75
Magnesium, Min 3.00

Copper< Min(ppm)  45
Manganese, Min(ppm) 170
Selenium, Min(ppm) 3.40

Zin, Min (ppm)  130
Vitamin A, Min (IU/LB) 50,000
Vitamin D3, Min (IU/LB) 5,000
Vitamin E, Min (IU/LB) 5

CAUTION200 pound tub.

Made by Sweetlix

Martindale Feed Mill
Product #: 04.3315.9620



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Pasture Max 20% All Natural Tub (Molases Tub)

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