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Open Pollinated sorghum that will produce chalky or starchy-white seeds, and is sweet. Some have suggested that hegari is suitable for shallow soils or chlorotic soils. It is an older ‘workhorse type’ forage with good drought tolerance, but low disease resistance. Over time, Hegari has evolved to a lower-class forage placed on less productive soils. A downside of full maturity in both Red Top Cane and Hegari forages is tannin in the grain which when consumed by livestock inhibits nutrient uptake.  Stalks tend to break over if allowed to develop grain that creates availability for wildlife, good for wildlife mixes.


Crop Use Information:

Life Cycle: Annual

Ease of Establishment: Good

Shade Tolerance: Poor-Fair

Drought Stress: Excellent

Wet Soil: Fair

Anti-Quality: Prussic Acid and Nitrates

Seed/lb.    17,000 approx.

Hay: Excellent

Silage: Fair

Continuous Grazing: Fair

Rotational Grazing: Good

Palatability: Excellent


Planting Time

Planting Depth

Planting Rate

Spring, after last frost


Drilled 80-100 lb.
Rows 25-40 lb.

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