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Native warm season legume used in range revegetation. Multiple stems grow from a woody caudex attached to a deep root system. Blooms are white flowers that produce a yellow tip. Found in prairie remnants, sloughs, or disturbed areas. Thrives on medium soils and is tolerant of most soil types. More abundant in a 20inch or greater rainfall zone but has good drought tolerance and temperatures to -18F.


Illinois bundleflower plants are most often found in prairie remnants, sloughs, woodland edges or disturbed areas. The plant thrives on medium textured soils and is tolerant of most soil types except heavy clays and exceptionally coarse sands. It grows more vigorously and is more abundant in a 20 inch or greater rainfall zone. Good drought tolerance can be expected in open communities with reduced levels of competition. Bundleflower is normally found growing in association with tall warm-season grasses

Alternate Names: False sensitive plant, Illinois mimosa, and Illinois desmanthus.

Uses: It is frequently used in range revegetation projects. It is recommended for use in range seedlings and for wildlife food and cover. Illinois bundleflower was a minor plant for use by Native American tribes. It is being studied as a potential human grain crop by an independent, self-funded non-profit research and educational organization based in Kansas.

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Illinois Bundleflower

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