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Grows best in a cool, moist climate, such as is found in parts of the Northeast.  Although buckwheat can grow under a fairly wide range of conditions, it is quite sensitive to climatic extremes.  The ideal growing temperature is about 70 degrees F.  It yields best with cool nights.

Buckwheat goes through its life cycle quickly, so there is little time to make up for delays in development.  Seedlings emerge 3-5 days after sowing.  Most of the leaf production occurs during the 3rd through 6th week.  buckwheat blooms and sets seed in the 6th and 7th week,  and seed filling begins in the 8th week.   The grain is mature 10-12 weeks after sowing. 


Cover Crop:  Used to build soils

Grow Height

Cold Tolerance


Planting Rate




60-80 lbs.

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