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Annual native plant found in all soils in Southern Texas. This grass is reported to produce good forage for livestock, and produces seed commonly consumed by doves and quail. Texas Panicum is a common weed in agricultural fields. Texas Panicum is an excellent species for reclamation or restoration of highly disturbed planting sites, and has value as a warm-season native cover crop. Texas Panicum is an excellent native plant for game bird food plots in Southern Texas

Very similar in appearance and growth habit to large crabgrass and broadleaf signalgrass.  However, large crabgrass has a tall membranous ligule unlike either of these other species. Broadleaf signalgrass has hairs only along the leaf margins, unlike Texas panicum


Wildlife:  Consume the Seed

Livestock:  Forage can be grazed

Grow Height

Cold Tolerance


Planting Rate




4-6 lbs.

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Texas Panicum

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