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Warm season perennial tufted bunch grass.  Originally collected near Manali, India and tested in Oklahoma and Texas.  Released in 1974 and named after Dr. Bill Dahl of Texas Tech University.  Out produces other old world bluestems by remaining leafy and vegetative throughout much of the growing season.

Seven hundred and fifty Old World bluestems from Asia and Europe were tested on the Southern Plains over the past 60 years. Six varieties have proven outstanding in one or more characteristics and are available as named cultivars.


WW-B.Dahl is leafy and late heading. This gives it a higher ratio of leaf to stem in mid and late summer, which promotes increased cattle gains during this time. It is a good forage producer on dryland and an outstanding forage producer under irrigation. It is not as winter hardy as Plains or WW-Spar, therefore, its suggested use is south of a line running from Lubbock to Texarkana, TX 

Used for grazing and erosion control. Broad, natural geographic distribution with wide variation in types of plants.

Grow Height

Cold Tolerance


Planting Rate




2-4 pls.


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Bluestem, Old World WW-B. Dahl’

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