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Drought resistant plant. Highly adaptable to dryer areas.  Also tolerates soil conditions from fair salinity to moderate alkalinity. A highly palatable grass. Can withstand heavy grazing, but does not produce the tonnage that other natives do. Blue Grama, along with Buffalograss, makes an excellent short-growing, low maintenance, durable turf grass.


‘Hatchita’ blue grama is a good ground cover and provides valuable protection from soil erosion. Because ‘Hachita’ blue grama is more drought resistant than other varieties of blue grama, it is well-suited for rangeland improvement, mine-spoil reclamation, and roadside stabilization in the semiarid Southwest. It makes excellent pasture or lawngrass. It requires less water than traditional turf grasses.


Livestock: In southern states, blue grama grows as a bunchgrass; in northern states or areas of heavy grazing pressure, it is a sod former.

Erosion control: Blue grama is suitable for mixtures of grasses used in erosion control, low maintenance turf plantings, and surface mine revegetation.


Once the grass is established, it is very palatable to livestock all year long.  Since growing points are at or near the ground surface, the grass withstands fairly close grazing.  For best yields, defer grazing during the growing season every 2 to 3 years.  Blue grama cures well on stem, making it a good grass for grazing during the dormant season.  Renovation of sod bound stands is also recommended.  Weeds can be controlled by use of herbicides, mowing, or controlled grazing.

Grow Height

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2-3 Pls.


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