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Native bunch grass that spread by short rhizomes and good root depth. Shade tolerant. Many different types of Chasmanthium found in North America normally growing in the spring under or around trees. Decorative grass that provides food and cover for wildlife.

Alternate Names

Uniola latifolia Michaux; Indian woodoats,  broad-leaf chasmanthium, northern sea oats, wild oats


Ornamental: Plant is used as ground cover in shady areas.  Dried plants and seed heads popular for cut and dried arrangements.  Plants used to accent open woodland gardens.  In northern part of its range inland sea oats is used for texture and color contrast in plantings.

Wildlife: Inland sea oats is a minor component of the woodland habitat used as cover in open areas.  The seed is used as food by birds and rodents.  Some butterflies use the leaves as host for eggs.

Livestock: Cattle will graze inland sea oats, but accessibility and lack of abundance keep it from being and important forage species.

Erosion Control: Inland sea oats provides ground cover vegetation for critically eroding shaded areas, thus reducing soil erosion and improving water quality.  Inland sea oats has proven salt tolerant and can prove useful in dune management where sunlight is not too intense.

Grow Height

Cold Tolerance


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1-2 lbs. in Mixes.


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Inland Seaoats

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