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Warm-season perennial bunchgrass introduced from Africa. Adapted to a wide range of heavy soils and dry conditions in central Texas and on wet soils in the Gulf coast.  In the Rio Grande Plains it does well on shallow sites, deep sandy soils and medium textured soils. 


Livestock:  Kleingrass can provide abundant quantities of good quality forage for cattle.  However, horses, sheep and goats have been known to develop severe photosensitization and liver damage.  Green grass growth following moisture or grazing is reported to be relatively more toxic than old or dormant growth.

Wildlife:  Kleingrass a bunch-type plant has value for nesting and loafing cover for wild birds and the small slick seed is readily eaten by quail.  Whitetail deer graze young plant growth

Grow Height

Cold Tolerance


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2-3 Pls.


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