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Good drought tolerant native pasture and range grass. The perennial bunch grass grows in late spring and continues throughout the summer providing screening and nesting for wildlife. Vigorous under good management and soils. One of the Big 4 Prairie Grasses.


Little bluestem is a medium height grass with coarse stems and basal leaves.  As a warm season grass it begins growth in late spring and continues through the hot summer period until the first killing frost.  It is easily mistaken for common broomsedge.  Little bluestem has very flat bluish basal shoots.  Plants are green, but often purplish at base of stem and the entire plant has a reddish cast after frost.  Leaves are smooth, but frequently are covered with hair at the base next to the sheath.  Leaves tend to fold with maturity. 

Alternate Names: Andropogon scoparius


Pasture/range/hayland: Little bluestem is a fair forage species and is readily grazed by livestock, deer, and elk.  It is also suitable for hay.

Erosion control: Because of its growth habit and adaptability to a wide range of soil conditions, little bluestem is useful as a component of re-vegetation mixes.  It is especially well-suited for use on thin upland range sites.

Wildlife: Little bluestem seed is eaten by songbirds and upland game birds.  The plant provides cover for ground birds and small mammals.

Landscaping: With its blue-green leaves during the growing season and attractive rusty color with white fluffy seed heads in the fall, little bluestem is useful in ornamental plantings

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Bluestem, Little

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