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BMR is a low lignin and Photo period sensitive plant whose seed head development is determined by the length of day and not the date planted.  This feature allows the plant to continue vegetative growth for an extended period.  Length of growing season does depend on your specific latitude but may exceed 175 days.  This allows for the producer to determine harvest date. 


Low lignin increases the stalk digestibility which in turns increase consumption rates of hay.


Maxi Gain BMR PPS is a multipurpose crop that can be used for grazing, hay, green chop, haylage, or green manure. When allowed to grow will reach heights over 11 feet with multiply leafs.  In 2001 Forage Comparison yielded 35 tons per acre with single cutting in October.


Yield (Tonnage)           Very High

Tillering                       Medium

Regrowth                    Good

Juice Content              High

Sugar Content             Medium-High

Male-Sterile                No, Photo Sensitive

Seed Size                     16,000 Seeds/lbs.



MDMV                        Resistant

Downy Mildew            Tolerant



PLANTING: Recommendation for each area varies.  Hay normally ½ the rate of hybrid sorghum x sudangrass or 60- 80 lbs. Grazing 20 –35 pounds if drilled and 10-12 pounds planted in rows. Plant when soil temperature is 65° F. and day length is more than 12 hours and 30 minutes.

GRAZING: Grows up to one inch per day.  Grazing can begin after the hybrid is 18 inches in height.  Fertilize pastures for maximum yield. Animals will graze leafs and stalks.

HAY: For maximum quality cut at the 6 to 7 ft. stage of growth, leaving 8-10 inches stubble for fast regrowth.   Apply nitrogen after each cutting for maximum regrowth.

GREEN CHOP: At any time prior to day length being less than 13 hours.


Prussic Acid and Nitrates management is needed and is not recommended for horses.

Planting Time

Planting Depth

Planting Rate

Spring, after last frost


Drilled 60-80 lb.
Rows 15-30 lb.

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Maxi Gain BMR/PPS

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