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Found on open, dry ground, in dry woods, and on well drained soils along gullies, stream courses, and other areas, occasionally, with abundant moisture.  It can often be found on clay to clay loam soils as an early successional plant on disturbed prairie sites along the mid to lower Texas Gulf Coast.  Plains bristlegrass is a native, warm season, perennial bunchgrass that can grow up to three feet in height. Setaria leucopila (streambed bristlegrass) and Setaria texana (Texas bristlegrass) are sometimes included under the common name, ‘plains bristlegrass’, as well.  It is suspected that all three species, along with S. scheelei, may hybridize. 

Alternate Names

Setaria macrostachya


Livestock:  Plains bristlegrass makes up an appreciable part of the forage on southwestern ranges.  It provides moderate to high quality forage for all types of grazing livestock. 

Wildlife:  Plains bristlegrass provides fair to good forage for wildlife.  It is a good seed producer, and its seeds can provide a source of food for wildlife.  This species shows promise as a plant for both wildlife and range use

Grow Height

Cold Tolerance


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3-6 Pls.


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Bristlegrass, Plains

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