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This patented technology offers extraordinary erosion control protection, exceptional turbidity reduction and quick growth establishment, with fast, easy applications at a great price. Applied hydraulically, Edge™’s compact and quickly expanding pellet makes it simple to transport, handle, load and compared to other hydraulically applied erosion products, requires approximately 50% less water to install. Possessing a [...]

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EZ Jet Mix is a patented formulation of corn fiber, paper fiber and poly fibers designed to provide for exceptional performance in water agitated hydroseeding machines. EZ Jet Mix absobs water quickly and offers the quickest mixing times and highest water holding capacities on the market today. Directions: Fill the tank 1/3 full with water, then start [...]

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Replace messy straw with Green Choice EZ Mulch. Green Choice EZ Mulch is a user-friendly alternative to straw. It contains no weed seeds and contains much less dust than straw. Typically, 50 to 70 pounds covers 1000 square feet.EZ Mulch’s granular texture provides excellent coverage, making it more economical than other pelleted mulches. This improved coverage reduces [...]


Weyerhaeuser developed this product over 30 years ago. Fiber length is slightly shorter and more consistant is size. Due to the package in 50lb bags and consistent size Mat Fiber is preferred by many applicators.


Invaluable tool on critical seeding projects because of its ability to prevent soil erosion and enhance seed germination. The combination of wood fiber mulch and premixed organic tackifier provides a low cost erosion control.


Blend of 50% paper and 50% wood that is cost effective and easy to mix. Mat Blend eliminates many of the mixing and handeling problems associated with wood mulch.


Organix™ is an engineered Hydraulic Biotic Soil Amendment (HBSA). Our combination of soil enhancing organic materials, microbial stimulators, growth mediums, soil stabilizers and soil builders makes Organix™ the most cost-effective solution for reclamation work.  Typical application rate of 3,500 lbs. to 5,550 lbs. per acre. High-active growth medium and topsoil replacement:  Increase vegetation establishment.  Support [...]


Manufactured from secondary ground-wood fibers, Second Nature® Paper Fiber Hydroseeding Mulch has become a widely accepted product worldwide.