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$28.00 /50lbs. (50 pound bag)

TAM 114 is a hard red winter variety with excellent drought tolerance and top yield potential combined with a superior disease package.

$24.50 /50 lbs. (50 pound bag)

Beardless variety good for grazing and bailing.  Widely adapted workhorse variety that has been used for years west of I35 in Texas.

$13.80 /50lbs. (50 pound bag)

EK102 is a red winter wheat that has shown good grain yields that has allowed it to be retained in the wheat seed market.

$13.80 /50 lbs. (50 pound bag)

Red winter beardless wheat that is adaptive across the south to be used as a forage wheat. Beardless wheat has little to no awns which allows continued grazing when the seed is setting in late spring.

$19.50 /lbs. (pounds)

JS79 was developed by Texas A&M in Dallas, Texas. JS79 is a red winter wheat that has a very dark red color at maturity.