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Coarse perennial bunch grass with numerous erect, firm, tough stems. Alkali grows in the plains states west on dry sandy or gravelly slopes and along saline or alkaline flats. Only fair value for livestock grazing and low value for wildlife. It is desirable to establish on salted out areas.

Alternate Names

bunchgrass, finetop salt grass


Livestock: Alkali sacaton is good forage for horses and cattle in the far western United States in arid or semiarid regions. 

Wildlife: This plant is a source of food for deer, small mammals (it is relished by jackrabbits), birds (game and non-game), and waterfowl.

Conservation: Alkali sacaton is frequently utilized for seeding and stabilizing disturbed areas. Due to its salt tolerance, it is recommended for seeding saline sites such as oil well pits and saline waste from power generating plants.

Landscaping: A mass planting of this species could create a contrast to coarser foliaged plants.

Grow Height

Cold Tolerance


Planting Rate




1-2 Pls.


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Sacaton, Alkali

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