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Salt with trace elements.

INGREDIENTS: Salt, zinc oxide, manganous oxide, ferrous carbonate, calcium periodate (pentacalcium othoperiodate), Iron oxide (color), copper oxide, cobalt carbonate, natural and artificial flavors.

FEEDING DIRECTIONS: For animal feeding only. CAUTION






Free Choice

All classes of
cattle, sheep,
and horses.

Salt, Min 93.00
Salt, Max 98.00
Zinc, Min 0.35
Manganese, Min 0.28
Iron, Min 0.175
Copper, Min 0.035
Iodine, Min 0.028
Cobalt, Min 0.007

50 pound Block.

Made by Morton International, Inc
Martindale Feed Mill
Product #: 04.3311.5020




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Salt, Trace Mineral Plus 4 Block (Brown)

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