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An upright, cool-season, reseeding annual legume originating from Euraia that grows to a height of 40 to 50 inches under good conditions. Seeds germinate in the fall, but grow slowly during the winter. Leaflets are large, rounded at the base and pointed at the tip. Some leaflets have white, V-shaped markings. Blossoms are arranged in a cluster or head up to 2 inches long. Initially, the blossoms are white to pinkish, turning brown when mature.

Suited to a wide range of soil conditions.  Does not like droughty soil or poorly drained, wet soils.

Forage: Suitable for hay, grazing, soil improvement, cover crop and wildlife.  Deer and turkey readily feed on this clover which can persists well into the summer.  Mostly used in over seeding application or mixed with winter grasses.  Normally does not create a bloating problem.

Grow Height
Cold Tolerance
Minimum RainfallPlanting Rate Acre
1-3.5Fair28"Mix 4-8 lbs.
Alone 25 lbs.

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Arrowleaf Clover

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