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SILVER RIVER CLOVER has replaced Hubam

Native, annual legume closely resembling biennial white sweet clover.  Discovered in 1916 by H. D. Hughes at the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station, after much research Mr. Hughes believed Hubam began life as a sweet clover from Alabama that crossed in his research plots.  Tall, widely branched, mostly white blossom annual with well-developed roots.  Hubam has been grown in every state in the Union, in every province of Canada, and in many foreign countries.  It has a wide adaptation especially adapted to heavy, alkaline soils.

Iowa dry hay yields from 1920;

   Hubam clover                           1.525 tons per acre

   Biennial white sweet clover     .505 tons per acre

   Biennial yellow sweet clover   .306 tons per acre

Hubam was a mainstay of clovers and was used as a soil builder (cover crop).  The growth speeds up in early summer and was found to not hinder small grain harvests in the south. Farmers were able to harvest the small grain crop and then have a clover crop.  This practiced ended with the introduction of fertilizers.


Silver River white sweetclover, a 2016 release from Texas A&M is the first new Hubam in decades.



Honey Bees:  From the start Hubam has been the delight of bee keepers and still remains a top choice.

Livestock: Hay quality is good, produces quick hay in the early summer.

Wildlife: Bees love it.

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15-18 lb.


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Hubam White Sweet Clover

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