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An upright, cool-season, annual legume native to the Mediterranean region that grows to a height of 30 inches under good conditions. Seeds germinate in the fall, but grow slowly during the winter. Very similar to Arrowleaf clover with better tolerance to poorly drained fields.  Unlike Arrowleaf, BigBee Berseem can tolerate temporary flooding, not as cold tolerant.  Sometimes called “Egyptian Clover”.  Was of limited use in the United States until introduction of BigBee a few years ago.   Similar in drought tolerance to alfalfa but can tolerate more soil moisture.  Can grow on a variety of soils and likes slightly alkaline medium loam soils.


Forage: Selected for its superior quality, rapid fall growth, and winter hardiness. Because of its winter hardiness, BigBee has about the same range of adaption as Arrowleaf and crimson clovers. Mature BigBee plants hold their seeds well and produce adequate hard seeds for reseeding stands. This is not true with unselected berseem clover; unselected berseem clovers are nonreseeding

Suitable for hay, grazing, soil improvement, cover crop and wildlife.  Deer and turkey readily feed on this clover which can persists well into the summer.  Mostly used in over seeding.


You can seed berseem clover from August 25 to October 15. BigBee is easily established with vigorous seedlings that will result in excellent fall production when planted early. Inoculate seed with the same inoculant used for crimson clover. Cultipack prepared seedbeds to press the seed into the soil surface and to save soil moisture. Establishment has been successful by surface broadcasting the seed on closely clipped grass sods. Begin grazing or cutting berseem clover when the stand reaches 10 inches in height and when basal shoots begin to grow. Graze or clip to a 3-inch height to encourage new shoot production. It is critical to remove excess growth before temperatures reach the freezing mark. Heavy stand losses can occur from crown rot if excess forage is present during freezing.

Grow Height

Cold Tolerance


Planting Rate




Mix 4-8 lbs.

Alone 25 lbs.

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Berseem Clover ( Frosty )

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