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TAM 305 is an  awned semi-dwarf wheat.  It is adapted to all wheat growingareas in Texas.  TAM305 is a medium-late maturing wheat with excellent yieldpotential, short stature, strong straw and resistance to shattering.  It isresistant to leaf rust and has a resistance to the  most prevalent stem rust(TPMK).  TAM 305 has a great yield record across a wide range ofenvironments, but is particularly well suited for irrigation.  It also hasgreat backing and milling qualities.  TAM 305 has great results in winterwheat grazing programs.  With strong vigor and wide leaf width, producerscan expect earlier grazing and higher forage production than most pastureverities.

Planting Time Planting Depth Planting Rate
For Grazing late summer or early fall.
For Grain late fall
1-2" Drilled 60-120 lb.

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