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Native. Good all-around range grass, especially in shallow soils. Many different varieties but in Texas El Reno and Haskell are most common. 

Sideoats grama is not as resistant to grazing as blue grama because of its taller growth habit, but sideoats grama stays green longer and can be grazed for a longer period.  


Erosion Control: This grass is adapted to most soil conditions.  Successful seeding’s are obtained in rocky, stony, or shallow soils.  It is a fair to good erosion control plant when mixed with the other plants naturally associated with it.

Grazing: This is one of the most important range grasses.  Although not as palatable as some of the smaller gramas, e.g. blue grama, it is more palatable than many of the other grass species.  It produces a much greater volume of forage than blue grama, and this tends to make up for its slightly lower palatability.  It remains green later in the fall and usually begins growth in the spring before other gramas.  It cures well, and maintains a fairly high feeding value throughout the year.

Wildlife: Furnishes some forage for deer and antelope when green.  Elk use this plant throughout the year

Grow Height Cold Tolerance Minimum
Planting Rate
1½-3' High 20" 4-6 PLS

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Sideoats Grama

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