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Introduced fast growing annual, a heavy forage producer. In some areas of the world the small seed is ground for flour. Applications are still being explored for North America, but its most outstanding trait is fast germination to be used as a cover crop for native grass mixes.


Livestock: Very fast growing annual that is being grazed and hayed like other annual summer forage crops.  Offers feeding safety to all livestock an easy to establish.  Teff is grown primarily as a cereal crop in Ethiopia. The grain is ground into flour, fermented and made into enjera, a sour-dough type flat bread, (ingredients and preparation described by Ebba 1975). Teff is eaten as porridge or used as an ingredient of home-brewed alcoholic drinks. Teff is also grown for livestock forage. In Ethiopia teff straw from threshed grains are considered to be an excellent forage, superior to straws from other cereal species. Teff straw is also utilized to reinforce mud or plasters used in the construction of buildings

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4-8 Pls.


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Lovegrass, Teff

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