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One of the best known and most commonly used native grasses.  It is a long-lived, cool season species that has coarse blue- green leaves with prominent veins.  Because of this bluish appearance it has sometimes been called bluestem wheatgrass or bluejoint.  Most valuable grass in many areas of Western U.S., and prefers the heavier, but well drained, soils growing in association with many species.

Western wheatgrass tolerates saline and saline-sodic soils, poor drainage, and moderately severe drought.  It will tolerate spring flooding, high water tables, and considerable silt deposition.  It is very cold hardy and can grow in partial shade


Erosion control: Western wheatgrass is an excellent erosion control plant because of its spreading rhizomes.  It is widely used in seed mixtures for range seeding, revegetation of saline and alkaline areas, and in critical areas for erosion control in the central and northern Great Plains region.  This grass protected watershed dams in Kansas from damage when they were overtopped during a 14-inch rainfall event.

Reclamation: Western wheatgrass is frequently used in the northern Great Plains for surface mine revegetation.  Because of its strong rhizomes and adaptation to a variety of soils, it performs well as part of a reclamation mixture.

Livestock: Forage quality is high for pasture or range seedlings.

Grow Height

Cold Tolerance


Planting Rate



Moist Soil

10-12 PLS.


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Wheatgrass, Western

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