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Combination of whole corn and whole roasted soybean which provides 16% protein and at least 6.5% fat designed to be fed as a supplement for free range and confined deer and game animals. The texture of whole grains will flow well in your feeder while the aroma of the roasted soybeans will lure wildlife to your feeders. The extra protein and level of energy provided by the corn and high level of fat will keep the deer and game animals healthier while also maximizing growth rates, reproduction, and antler size.


INGREDIENTS: Whole Corn, Roasted Soybeans.



This is not a complete ration; only a source of supplemental grain and protein. A vitamin-mineral supplement should be fed to provide a complete ration. Contact your feed company representative for mixing instructions for specific animals. Provide good quality hay or suitable forage. Provide fresh, clean water at all times. DO NOT feed moldy or insect infested feed.


Made by Martindale Feed Mill 
Product #: 01.650.5011

Type Feed Description Guaranteed
Textured 1% to 3%
of body
Fed to Game,
animals, not
a complete
Crude Protein, Min 16.00
Crude Fat, Min 6.50
Crude Fiber, Max 4.00

Made by Martindale Feed Mill
Product #: 15650511

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Corn & Roasted Soybean Mix

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