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Warm season annual legume from the tropics of the old world. It can grow l To 2 feet tall. It has unifoliolate leaves and pink flowers.

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This perennial grass has greenish-brown, bristly spikelets in several to many clusters along a terminal spike atop an erect smooth stem.

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Grows best in a cool, moist climate, such as is found in parts of the Northeast. Although buckwheat can grow under a fairly wide range of conditions, it is quite sensitive to climatic extremes.

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European native that is similar to curly endive. Somewhat woody, perennial herbaceous plant of the dandelion family Asteraceae. Has many uses for human and animal consumption using the seeds, leaves and roots.

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Food crop in ancient Egypt and is cultivated today. In the United States it is used for wildlife habitat improvement, particularly as a winter food source for deer and wild turkeys, but is also planted for hogs and waterfowl.

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Ace is a small seeded cultivar of forage cowpea (Vigna unguiculata [L.] Walp.) developed for use in wildlife supplemental plantings, cover cropping systems and legume hay production.

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Good legume for cover and garden. needs warm soil for planting.


Good legume cover. Excellent for quail and deer. Produce forage in 45 days with maturity in 100 days. Plant April - August.

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Typical 3-way sorghum Sudangrass hybrid with added resistant to Sugarcane aphid.

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Open Pollinated forage sorghum that will produce seed and high sugar qualities producing one big cutting of hay.

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Annual legume and the source of guar gum.  Assumed to have developed from the African species Cyamopsis senegalensis.

$93.00 /50lbs. (50 pound bag)

Fast growing warm season annual, multi-cut, drought resistant forage grass obtaining heights of 5-7 feet tall. Produces high quality forage that is Safe for all your livestock needs including horses. While called a millet it is not a true millet.

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Kow Choice Sweet III is a product of Justin Seed Co. with in house packaging and controls to assure quality.

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Leafy annual grass that grows 2-4 feet tall producing heavy seed yields. Ideal for wildlife plots in well drained soils.

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Fast growing, drought resistant annual grass with slim, vertical, leafy stems that may grow 4-6 feet tall. Makes rich hay and can produce 1-2 tons of forage per acre for hay. Not recommended for horses.

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Warm season annual grass that grows 3-5 feet tall and is considered a medium to tall millet. Dove planting should be made at 12-20 lbs. per acre.

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Piper Sudan is not a Hybrid Sudan. Piper Sudan is an open-pollinated Sudan that is one of the parents of many Hybrid Sudan. The seed looks more like Johnsongrass and the plant grows out better than Johnsongrass but not as well as Hybrid Sudan.

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Features: Annual crop that can produce good hay and an excellent wildlife plant for deer and birds. Deer enjoy grazing soybeans through out the growing period and Birds enjoy the fruit.

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Photoperiod sensitive plant whose seed head development is determined by the length of day and not the date planted. This feature allows the plant to continue vegetative growth for an extended period.

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Sugar Queen is a small seeded Hybrid sorghum plant crossed with 3 parents called a Sorghum Sudangrass Hybrid. It is noted for producing juicy leaves in combination with sweet stalks while providing fast regrowth and incorporating drought resistant. Good as grazing or hay when cut waist to chest high or before seed head develops. This [...]

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Vigorous growth rate and nitrogen-fixing capabilities, making it an attractive cover crop to build residue, sequester nitrogen, suppress weeds and improve soil health. Sunn hemp is a tropical plant and requires warm soil temperatures germination.