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$14.00 /lbs. (pounds)

Barnyardgrass is a summer annual grass that germinates from late winter or early spring to through the summer.

$1.64 /lbs. (pounds)

Grows best in a cool, moist climate, such as is found in parts of the Northeast. Although buckwheat can grow under a fairly wide range of conditions, it is quite sensitive to climatic extremes.

$6.80 /lbs. (pounds)

European native that is similar to curly endive. Somewhat woody, perennial herbaceous plant of the dandelion family Asteraceae. Has many uses for human and animal consumption using the seeds, leaves and roots.

$2.40 /lbs. (pounds)

Food crop in ancient Egypt and is cultivated today. In the United States it is used for wildlife habitat improvement, particularly as a winter food source for deer and wild turkeys, but is also planted for hogs and waterfowl.

$1.20 /lbs. (pounds)

Annual legume and the source of guar gum.  Assumed to have developed from the African species Cyamopsis senegalensis.

$71.00 /50 lbs. (50 pound bag)

Leafy annual grass that grows 2-4 feet tall producing heavy seed yields. Ideal for wildlife plots in well drained soils.

$47.00 /50lbs. (50 pound bag)

Fast growing, drought resistant annual grass with slim, vertical, leafy stems that may grow 4-6 feet tall. Makes rich hay and can produce 1-2 tons of forage per acre for hay. Not recommended for horses.

$60.00 /50 lbs. (50 pound bag)

Warm season annual grass that grows 2-4 feet tall and is considered a medium to tall millet.

$37.00 /50 lbs (50 pound bag)

Warm season annual grass that grows 3-5 feet tall and is considered a medium to tall millet. Dove planting should be made at 12-20 lbs. per acre.

$2.10 /lbs. (pounds)

In the south this is a summer staple at the dinner table. Okra likes warm and hot weather and produces fruit through its entire growing life.

$2.60 /lbs. (pounds)

Grows 4-6 feet tall, produces oily seed which attracts all game birds, especially quail. Widely used by large hunting preserves. In the 1960's products fields were in North Texas.

$62.00 /50 lbs. (50 pound bag)

Open Pollinated sorghum that will produce grain for wildlife. Used for spring and summer food plots for deer and game birds.

$14.00 /lbs. (pounds)

Annual native plant found in all soils in Southern Texas. This grass is reported to produce good forage for livestock, and produces seed commonly consumed by doves and quail.