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Medium-dark green color and medium-fine leaf texture. This seeded bermudagrass forms a dense turf and has excellent heat, drought, and wear tolerance.

$41.00 /lbs. (pounds)

Mixture of Buffalograss and Blue Grama. Selected for there short growth height these natives are very drought tolerant and should require little or no watering.

$47.00 /50 lbs. (50 pound bag)

Typical 3-way sorghum Sudangrass hybrid with added resistant to Sugarcane aphid.

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This excelsior blanket has one side of netting stitched on 3″ centers with a average shear stress of 1.80 lb./ft. See Installation Instructions Width: 7½’ (2.3m) Weight: 85 lb., 38.6 kgs (± 10%) Length: 120’ approx Area: 100 sq. yds (83.6 sq. m.) Usage: Slopes 3:1 – 2:1, Channels to 5 fps, Heavy soils such [...]